Are you saying the right thing, all you people? Are you doing right?


The bad ones go bad from when they are born, telling lies. They won’t listen to anything good and right. They close their ears.




Break their teeth O God and let them run away fast like water.


The ones who do good will be happy when they see God make it right.




It is so true, there is big treasure saved up to give to the ones who do right.




It is true, God is the one who is the judge in the world.





Save me from my enemies, O my God. Protect me from the ones who come against me. I didn’t do anything wrong.







Do not be kind to the ones who only do wrong.






They sneak around all the time doing the bad stuff.





But You, O God, will laugh at them.






I will wait for God because He is the strongest.





He goes ahead of me and does what I want to my enemies.




Do not kill them, so people will remember, and only want to do the good things.




Spread them all around and bring them down by Your power, O Lord, covers us like our shield.



Let them know that You rule in our country and all over the world.






Let them not have enough food.





But I will sing of Your power.



I will sing out loud of Your special love in the morning because You have protected me




and been my hiding place on the day when trouble came to me.


I will sing to You, O my strength: because God protects me, the God of my special love.