O Lord, You have looked at everything about me and You know me.




You know when I sit down and when I get up and You understand everything about my thinking.





You surround the path wherever I walk and You surround where I lay down.





You know everything that I do and why I do it.



You know every word that comes out of my mouth.








You walk ahead of me and put Your hand on me.


You know more amazing things than I can imagine. Such learning is too high for us to reach.


Where can I go away from Your Spirit? Or where can I run away from You? You are everywhere.





If I go up into heaven You are there:



If I make my bed in the lowest part of hell, You are there.




If I take the wings of the morning and live in the farthest part of the sea;







Even there Your hand will lead me along and Your right hand will hold me up.





If I say, I will hide from God in the dark, even that won’t hide me because the dark is the same as the light to You, the One who made and sees everything.






I will say the best words to You because You made me so amazingly and wonderfully inside my Mommy’s tummy.






Even then Your Eyes saw all about me and You wrote everything about me in Your book before You made me.

Your thoughts are the most special to me, O God, and there are so very many of them, more than the grains of sand by the ocean.







When I wake up each day, I am still with You.




Go away from me you bad ones who like to hurt people.






They say bad things about You, O Lord and talk wrong empty words about You.



I hate them, O Lord, that hate You, and my heart is sorry about the ones who fight against You. They are enemies to me too.


Look at all of me, O God, and know everything that is in my heart, and know every thought I have.






Clean out the bad stuff and lead me in Your way that lasts forever and ever.

Save me, O Lord from the bad ones and keep me safe from the ones who hurt people.

Who only think up bad plans in their hearts and are always wanting to make wars.





They make their tongues sharp like a snake and their words make poison in peoples hearts.




Keep me safe from the hands of the bad ones, the ones who hurt people, who plan to trip me up and hurt me.




I said to the Lord, You are my God, hear what I ask, O Lord.





O God the Lord, who is the strong One always saving me. You cover my head when the battle starts.

Do not let the bad ones have what they want and do not help their bad plans to happen. Then they can’t get puffed up.





Let burning coals fall on them and let them be thrown into deep fiery pits.




Do not let their words happen in the world.






I know that the Lord will hold up the ways of the ones who are in trouble and the poor ones.

The ones who do right say thank You to You and the ones who turn to You live with You always.