Why do you seem far away from Me, O my God?




The bad ones are making lots of trouble for me.






They are so puffed up that they never think about You.




They always do bad stuff and hurt people.

They think nothing bad can ever happen to them. They say, I will never have trouble. They curse and cheat people and say empty bad stuff.





They sneak around and hide and steal what little that the poor people have.







In their minds, they think about killing people.





Stand up, O Lord, and do something about this.




Poor people trust You and You help children who have no dad’s.





Break the arm of the bad one. Keep after him until he quits doing bad stuff.





The Lord is King forever and ever. Those who turn away from You will disappear from Your land.




Those who bow to You, You give them what they want.





You get their hearts ready. You listen to what they want.






You make everyone be fair to those who don't have a dad




and You don’t let people of the world press in on them any more.

I trust in the Lord, nobody else. Because the bad ones get ready to shoot their arrows at the ones who do right.




If what we stand on is taken away, what can we do then?




The Lord is in His holy temple. The Lord’s throne is in the high heavens.





His eyes watch all the children of men.




He cleans the bad stuff out of the hearts of those who look to Him.




He hates it when someone loves to hit and hurt people.


He rains fire and brimstone and horrible storms on the bad ones. This is what they will get from God.





God is always right and loves the ones who do right.




His beautiful face is always looking at them with His best happy smile.