I sat quiet, waiting for God.






He leaned down and listened to me.




He lifted me up from great trouble and set my feet on a big rock.





He put a new song in my mouth, saying how good He is. Many will see and trust in Him.





You do so many wonderful things, O my God and think and plan wonderful things to us. They are too many to count.



You don’t want me to give You stuff, but You want me to listen to You.





It was written in Your book that I come to do what You want.



Doing what You want is the most fun thing for me. Your way and words are written in My heart.





I show everyone how right You are and how You always stay with us, and are for us.

I tell everyone who wants You about Your biggest love you have for us and everything that is true about You.


Keep Your tender love on Me, O Lord. Let Your special love and kindness always hold me and guard me from any hurt.




Bad stuff too much to count is all around me. Even my own badness grabs hold of me so I can’t lift up my head.


Let it make You happy to save me from all this bad stuff. Hurry quick to help me.




Let everyone be embarrassed and their thinking tangled up who want to hurt me.

Let the ones who want bad stuff to happen to me run away backwards and fall down. Let them be empty and have nothing.





Let everyone looking for You, find You






and be full of happiness in You.


Let the ones who love how You save us always be saying, Let’s make God big in our hearts, everyone.




I am poor and need everything, but the Lord thinks about me.




You are my help and the One who saves me. Don’t wait to help me, O my God.