O say thank You to the Lord because He is good and because His special love lasts forever.







Let Israel say now that His special love lasts forever.




Let everyone who bows to the Lord say, His special love never stops.




I called on the Lord when trouble came and I was upset.


The Lord listened to me and did what I asked and took me out of the trouble into a big, fun, happy place.




The Lord is on my side so I won’t be afraid: who can do anything to hurt me since the Lord is with me?





The Lord also helps everyone who helps me.





It is better to lean on the Lord than on any man.





It is better to lean on the Lord than even a prince.



All the countries surrounded me to hurt me, but I will hurt them instead.



They circled around me to erase me from the world, but in the Lord, I will erase them.





They swarmed around me like bees






but they disappeared like thorns burned in the fire.





You tried to kill me, but the Lord helped me.




The Lord is the One who makes me strong




and who I sing about and He saves me from every trouble every day.

Happy sounds and being lifted up is in the houses of the ones who bow down to the Lord.






The right hand of the Lord is lifted up real high and wins many right battles.



I will not die, but live and tell all the things the Lord does.






The Lord spanked me real hard, but He didn’t let me die.


Open the gates of the ones who love You and I will go in and sing the best words from my heart to You.




I will sing the best words anywhere to You because You saved me.

The stone that the builders wouldn’t use to build God’s house, the Lord set that One high up in the top corner to finish everything.




The Lord did this and it is wonderful to see.




The Lord made this day and we will be happy and glad in it.




Save us now, Lord, we beg You and send lots of blessings and good things.



Most happy is the One who comes in the Lord: we will bless you in His house.





God is the Lord who shows us light and the sign of His best love.




You are my God and I will give the best words from my heart to You, You are my God and I will lift You up high.


O thank Him everyone because He is good and His special love lasts for always and ever.