Looking into the sky tells how great and amazing God is.




Every day and every night the sun moon and stars talk to us.




There is no place in the world that doesn’t hear their words.




The stars draw word pictures for us





that tell God’s whole story to us.

They tell all about Him and His big love for us. The story is told all the time from one end of the universe to the other about how the Lord God is so happy to love us.






His rules are perfect, they turn our hearts around to come back to Him.


What He has done in people lives is real and makes even dumb people wise and smart.

What He tells us to do is so right with no bad thing in it. It shines bright light in our hearts to show us the right way to go and the right things to do.


Being amazed at His wonders cleans out our hearts and keeps them clean forever from all bad stuff






and makes us to be only happy for always.




What He does and plans is the true and right best thing forever for everyone.




That should be what we want more than anything. It is the best food for our heart, sweeter and honey.







His plans and doings warn us and if we follow them






a great reward will come to us.






Or else, how can we know and see what is right and wrong?


Clean the bad stuff out of me that I don’t know about. Keep me from not listening to You and don’t let any bad thing take control over me.


Then I will be on the right track and my hands will be clean and my heart won’t do the great bad thing against You.

Let the words that come out of my mouth and the things I think about in my heart be the good things You want me to say and think about, O Lord, You are what keeps me strong and saves me from every trouble.