I will always sing of the special great love of the Lord and how He stays by us through all times.

His great special love will always be growing forever up higher than the heavens to stay forever.




He made His special deal with David that he will always be king ruling over God’s people.




And His children too will be kings over God’s people forever.




The heavens will sing the best words to the Lord about the wonderful things He does forever.





He always stays with  His people who look to Him.






Who in heaven is like the Lord?




Who in this world is like the Lord?




God is so amazing we should always be bowing down to Him?


He rules over the waves of the sea. When they rise up really tall He makes them lay quiet and still.


He breaks they enemies and scatters them with His strong arm.






The heavens are Yours, the world is Yours too because You made them.





You made the north and south.





You are the strongest and the highest.




You do everything right and best. Your special love





and truth always go in front of You.

Happiest are the people who walk in the light of Your face. They will be happy jumping up and down in You all day long.







They will be lifted up in Your rightness.




You are their best strength.





In Your goodness to us they will be lifted up highest.



The Lord is the One who protects us; the Holy One of Israel is our king.




You said that You lay help on the strong ones that You picked. My arm will make Him strong.





The enemy will not take anything from Him or hurt him.


I will beat down his enemies while He watches and give trouble to the ones who hate him.





My steady good love will always be with Him






and his power will be lifted up in Me.




I will put his hand on the seas and on the rivers.


He will say to Me, You are my father, My God, the solid One who saves me.





I will make him higher than the kings of the world.




My special love will guard him forever




and his children will last forever, as long as the days of heaven.





If his children turn away from My words and do not follow Me, I will spank them.







But My love will always stay with them.





I will not break the promise I made, the special deal. I will not lie to him.




His children will last forever and his throne like the sun before Me.




And like the faithful moon in heaven.