Sing with loud voices to God who is our strength; make happy songs to the God who loves the sinner.






With trumpets and tambourines and harps make songs on the set day.




You took the heavy load off our backs and took us away from all that hard work.




We called when we were in trouble and You got us out of it.




God says, I answered you in the secret place





and tested You at the waters.



Listen, O My people, don’t look at or bow down to any gods from other countries.




I am the Lord your God that took you out of the land of Egypt.





Open your mouth real wide and I will fill it.



But my people would not listen to me. They wanted nothing of Me.






So I gave them what they wanted,






but it didn’t help or make them happy.


O how I wish they would listen to Me. I would get them away real quick from the bad ones who are troubling them.



The ones who hate the Lord should bow down to Him,



then He would keep them alive and happy forever.



He would make their tummies and their hearts full of the best stuff that is anywhere.





God stands with all the rulers of the universe and is the one who is boss over all of them.



He says to them, How long will you do the wrong thing and play favorites to the bad ones?







Shield the poor and children without Dads from the bad ones.





Don’t let the bad ones take stuff from the poor.




Get the bad ones out of your land you are in charge over.





They walk in the dark and can’t see anything if they don’t listen to God.





I said, You are gods, and all of you are the children of the Most High.





But you will die like men.


Get up, O God, and make it right in the world because You will own and rule over all the countries.