I only lean on you, O Lord, don’t let me ever be embarrassed.




Bow down and hear me and save me quick.





You are my rock and my fort.




Because of Your great name, lead me down the right path.




Pull my feet out of the net that the bad ones laid in the path for me. You are what makes me strong.






I give my spirit into Your hand because You bought me back for Yourself.




I hate everyone who lies about life, telling empty things.



I am happy and jump up and down for happiness




in how good Your love is to us.




I am in trouble and really sad inside me. I am weak and sigh a lot.


The bad ones made fun of me and my friends stay away from me because they are afraid.





Everyone forgets me like a broken toy in the trash.





Many say bad things about me and plan sneaky plans to kill me.





But I know that You will keep me safe.





All my minutes each day are safe in Your hand.




Save me from my enemies because of Your big love, and smile on me.




Do not let me be embarrassed because I call out to only You when I need help.



Stop lips from talking, that say bad things against Your children.



O how big is Your goodness that You are saving for the ones in this world who lean on You in front of other people.



You will hide them in the special secret place from the tongues that wag against them.




Happy, biggest happy is the Lord.




He showed me his wonderful love





in a strong city.




I hurried to say I was cut off, But You heard me.

O Love the Lord, you, his special children. He keeps strong the ones who stay by Him and gives big trouble to the bad ones.





Be very brave and He will make your heart strong all you ones who look to the Lord.