Don’t want to be like the bad ones because they will soon be taken away from life.






Trust in the Lord





and you will live in His special land






and the Lord will give you lots of good food to eat.



Be laughing and happy in the Lord and He will give you everything you want.



Hand over your life to the Lord, just lean on Him, and He will make it all happen perfectly.




You will be right and shine as bright as the sun when it’s highest up in the middle of the sky.




Rest in the Lord and wait for Him and be still. He will not allow things to go well for the bad ones for very long.




Stop being upset about the bad ones and the bad stuff they do.




Stop being mad and don’t let it get hold of your thinking.


Do not get upset about stuff or do any bad thing because the bad ones will be cut off from the world, but the ones who wait on the Lord will get to have the whole world for their very own.




In just a little while the bad ones won’t be around anymore at all.

But the ones who put themselves under the Lord will be given the whole earth for their very own and they will be so happy that no bad thing is happening anywhere and everything is very full of quietness.




The bad ones make sneaky plans against the ones that follow the Lord and grind their teeth about it.



The Lord laughs at them because He sees the time is coming for Him to take over so He can make everything good and right.





The bad ones pull out their swords and set their arrows to get rid of the poor and needy people and to kill the ones who do the right thing.





But their swords will go into their own hearts and their bows will be broken.



The little bit of stuff that the good ones have is better than mountains of stuff that the bad ones have because the bad ones arms will be broken.



But the Lord protects and holds up the ones that do right.




The Lord knows how many days are given to the good ones. They will always be forever.




They will not be embarrassed when the times are bad, and will have plenty of food when the bad ones don’t have any food.