O Lord help, many people are coming against me to make trouble for me.






Listen to me when I call out to You, O God, the one that makes me right and clean in Your sight.




Many say, God will not help you!






But You are a shield for me.




I think you are the most special thing ever;




you lift up my head when I am sad



I called out to the Lord and He heard me in His high special place.


I laid down to sleep, and woke up again. God kept me alive while I was sleeping.

I will not be scared of 10,000 people coming against me.





Get up, O Lord, and rescue me, My God; You smack all my enemies on the cheek. You break the teeth of the ones who follow the bad one.

God is the only One that saves. Put Your good special happiness on Your people, O Lord.





When I was in trouble, You made me better; be kind to me and love me and listen to what I ask.



O people, how long will you not see how big God is and how good He is.





How long will you love nothings and follow after lies?




Know this, that God holds those who seek Him and follow Him close to His heart.






The Lord will hear me when I call to Him.





Be amazed about Him and quit doing bad things.







Get still with Him in your heart when you are resting in your bed and be very still with Him. Rest.



Love Him the best and hold Him special inside your heart.




Give to Him the things that remember His great love for us.


Many people say that nothing good can happen, shine Your goodness on us O Lord, make your face smile on us.





You made my heart happy with the best happiness.



I will lay down on my bed with a very happy, quiet, and still heart, and have good sleep









because only You, Lord, keep me safe.