Why do you brag so much, O strong one? God’s goodness is always everywhere all the time.





Your tongue tells sharp lies. You love bad stuff more than good stuff and lies instead of saying what is right.



You love all the words that eat people up, but God will get rid of you forever.




The ones who do good will laugh at you when they see it.




They will say, This one didn’t make God his strength. He trusted in how much stuff he could get and grew strong in doing bad things.





But I am like a green olive tree





in the house of God.



I trust in His special love and goodness to us forever and ever.




I will say how good You are for ever, O Lord, because you have done it.




I will stay quietly with You because it is so good to be close to You.






The silly one says inside his heart, There is no God.






They are twisted and have done really bad stuff.



God looked down from heaven at the children of men to see if any of them tried to find Him.





They all went the wrong way




and got real dirty. Not one of them does any right thing, not a single one.




Don’t they know anything? Who take stuff from My people and do not call out to Me?





They were really scared of nothing.




God scatters the bones of the ones who come against you. He makes them embarrassed and hates them.

But He will save his people from every bad thing and all His people will sing and shout for how happy they are.



Save me and make my life right by Your strength.




Listen to my prayers and the words that come out of my mouth.


Hear me because people from other countries have come to get me and take my stuff. They push hard at my soul.






They never look to God or want Him.





But look how God is my helper; He is with everyone who is for me.





He will give bad stuff to the ones who hate me.






Cut them off with Your right words.







I will give much to You for free.





I will say how great Your name is, it is the best.



You save me from every trouble and my eyes see the trouble that you give to my enemies.