The bad ones will slip away like smoke from a fire.


The bad ones borrow stuff and don’t pay it back, but the good ones are kind and give away their extra stuff.



The people the Lord blesses will be given the whole earth for their very own, but the ones the Lord curses will be cut off.






The Lord sets the steps of a good man in his right path and he is very happy about it.




If he trips, he won’t fall because the Lord holds him up with His hand.

The Lord always watches over the ones who follow Him and they always have enough of everything.




They are kind and loan their extra stuff to other people and the Lord puts very good blessings on their children.


Stay away from the bad ones and doing bad things. Only do good things and you will live forevermore.

The Lord loves doing right and never turns away from His people. He holds them up forever: but the children of the bad ones will be cut off.



The ones who do what the Lord says is right are given the special land to keep for their very own forever.



The mouth of the right ones say only wise things and talk of doing right things.





God’s law is in his heart





and not one of his steps will slip.






The bad ones watch the good ones and try to kill them.




But the Lord will not let them hold him for long, or win in court over him.






Wait on the Lord




and He will lift you up to be given His special land.






When the bad ones are cut off, you will get to watch it.

I have seen the bad ones spreading out all over like the green bay tree. But he passed away; when I looked for him I couldn’t find him anymore.



Watch the man who let’s the Lord be his fullness and watch the one who does good.




The end of that man is very quiet goodness and happiness.




The bad ones will all be gone.





The right ones get away because of the Lord, He is their strongness when trouble comes.





He will help and save them: He will save them from the bad ones, save them because they lean on Him.