If the Lord had not been on our side when the bad ones come against us they would have swallowed us up quick,




when big waters go over our soul from the puffed up ones.


Happy is the Lord who didn’t let them get us.




We escaped like a bird out of a net.




Our help is from the Lord who made heaven and earth.



The ones who lean on the Lord are like Mt Zion that can’t ever be moved but stays there strong forever.

Like the mountains stand tall around Jerusalem, that’s how the Lord stands strong around His people from now on and forever.




Spanking from the bad ones will not be on the place of the ones who do right, so they won’t put out their hand and do a bad thing.





Do good stuff to the ones who do good, O Lord, and to the ones who follow You in their hearts.


The ones who turn away from the Lord to follow the bad ones, the Lord will lead them away with the bad ones.








But peace will be on Israel, God’s people.





When the Lord let us go from the bad ones who had captured us it was like we were dreaming.



Our mouth was full of laughing and singing.


Then the ones who turn away from the Lord said, The Lord has done great things for them and it makes us real glad.




Let us go from the bad ones, O Lord, like the streams that flow in the south.

The ones who go out to plant the seeds of God’s truth in peoples hearts, saying words against the bad ones,

are planting the seed of the truth of God with tears; they will come back with hearts of joy and arms full of fruit.






Unless the Lord builds the house, you are doing the work for nothing because it won’t last.


Unless the Lord guards over the city, the watchmen are doing it for nothing.





It is empty to get up early and stay up late being sad, trying to be good, because the Lord gives His loved ones good sleep.



Look at this, children are a good lasting treasure that the Lord gives, they are a reward from Him.


They are like straight arrows in the hands of a strong man, the children born when he is young.




That man will be happy with many of them; they will not be embarrassed but they will be rulers in the city.