Put Your special love on me, O God, because men want to swallow me up;



they fight against me every day, many of them,





O You who are the Most High above everything.





When I get scared, I will trust You.





I will say how great Your words are, You who I trust.




I will not be scared about what men can do to me.





Every day they change my good words to say I said bad words. They only think bad stuff about me.





They come together and hide out, watching to catch me.






Will they get away with it? You will throw them down.


You write down every time I wander away from You and catch and save every one of my tears in a bottle.




When I cry, my enemies turn and run away.





I know that God is on my side.




In Him I will say how good God’s word is. His word has big power.




I only trust You. I will always tell how good You are.


Because You save my soul from dying, and keep my feet from falling so I can walk before God in the light of those who are still alive.




Put Your special love on me, O God, because I trust in You.



I will hide under the shadow of Your wings until all these troubles are gone away.





I will call out to God Most High who does everything for me.

He will send from heaven and save me from the mean words of the bad ones who want to swallow me up.





God will send out His special love and truth.




My souls is with lions who are burning in their hearts, men who have teeth like spears and arrows, men with sharp tongues and hurting words.






Be high above the heavens, O God, and Your specialness way above all the world.




The bad ones set a net for my feet to trip on and digged a pit for me, but they fell into it themselves.







My heart is set,



I will sing and say high words to You. I will sing to You in the middle of all the countries of the world.


Because Your great special love is high above the heavens and Your true words reach up to the clouds.

Be lifted high, O God, above the heavens and Your special brightness above all the earth.