Do not spank me, O Lord, I am sore and sick because You are mad at me because I did bad.





I am so upset and sad all day long.



I am broken and my heart screams inside me because I did a silly, bad thing.






Lord, You know everything I want. I am so weak.



All my friends won’t come see me and my family stays far away.


The ones who hate me are setting traps to catch me and hurt me. They think up lies about me all day long.





I can’t hear anything and I can’t even talk.




But I look to You, O Lord and am sure you will help me, O Lord my God so they won’t be happy when I have trouble.





I will tell You the bad thing I did and am sorry and wish I didn’t do it.


My enemies are fast and strong. Many hate me for nothing I did, but they hate me because I follow what is good.






Do not go away from me, O Lord my God, but stay really close.



Hurry to help me right now, O my Lord who saves me.




I will watch what I do and what I say when the bad ones are around me.




I tried to keep quiet and my heart got upset.




Lord, tell me what will happen to me, how many days and years do I have? I am so weak.




My life is just a breath to You and so empty.





When we are being our best, we are still just empty.





We walk around trying to look like something, but we aren’t anything.






I look to You, save me from every bad thing inside me.





Do not let bad ones and silly people make fun of me.





Stop spanking me, I can’t take it any more. I am fading away like a moth.





Listen to my prayers and do what I ask.





O let loose of me that I may get strong again.