Let your ears hear what I say, O Lord. Think about what I am thinking. Listen to me when I cry, my King and my God, because I talk to you.


In the morning, O Lord, I will send my prayers up to You and look up to You.







You are not happy with bad stuff.





The bad ones won’t live with You.

The ones who say that you aren’t here won’t stand up in front of You. You hate all the bad ones and those who follow the bad ones.


You will get rid of those who tell lies. You are what is true. You hate those who trick and beat people.

But me, I will come to Your house in the great flood of Your love. And with shaking I will bow down to your holy temple.

Lead me, O Lord, in the right way because of my enemies. Make my path straight right in front of my face.




For they tell me lies and their insides are full of bad stuff.




Get rid of them, O God. Let them fall by their own plans and words.





Throw them away for all the bad they do, because they turned their backs on You.

But let all the people who rest in You be very happy and shout for joy, because you surround them, protecting and fighting for them.

Let everyone who loves all that You are be very happy in You. Because You put Your special blessings on those who follow You; You wrap Yourself around them like a shield.





O Lord do not spank me when I do wrong but have a tender heart to me because I am weak.



Come back to me and save me in Your great love. If I am dead, how can I thank you then?





I’m tired of being sad and crying.



All you bad ones get away from me because the Lord has heard my crying and will help me quick.


Let everyone who is against me be embarrassed and have big troubles real quick.





Save me from all that make trouble for me, so they don’t rip me up like a lion.




If I have done bad to someone who helped me or was good to me, then let them trample me down into the dust.




Jump up quick and help me because my enemies are strong against me.



All Your people will surround You. The Lord only does what is right.





O let the bad ones stop being bad, but keep strong the ones who do right.







You get all the bad stuff out of our hearts and minds.




You surround and protect and fight for the ones who look to You.


God gives justice to the ones who do right but is mad at the bad ones every day.


If the bad ones don’t turn from their badness, God will make His sword sharp and get His arrows ready to shoot at them.




The bad ones dig holes and set traps for God’s people to fall into.

O Lord, let them fall into their own traps that they made for us. Let the hurt they want to do us fall on their own heads.



I will say how great You are forever and sing to You who are the most high above all.