Be my lawyer and make it right for me because of the bad ones who lie and do wrong things.






Because You are the God who keeps me strong.



O send out Your light and Your true words. Let them bring me to You and Your most special house.

Then I will bow down in front of You and remember Your special love and be so happy that I jump for joy.



I will sing songs to You with my harp about how good and special You are, O God, my God. You are all mine.




Why be sad inside me, O my soul. Be looking at God and be happy in Him who is the wellness of my face.

Our Dad's told us about all the good work you did in their time; how you chased out the bad ones with Your hand from Your special land and put us there instead.



They didn’t get the special land for their own by their swords or by their own arm but because You and Your shining face put special blessings on them.

Because of You we will push down our enemies. I won’t trust my sword or arrows to save me. But You save me from my enemies.





Bad things happened to us, but we did not forget You, or turn from doing Your ways.




Wake up and help us and buy us back to You because You love us so much.




My heart is so full of a good thing about our King.





I am ready to write it all down in words.




You are more beautiful than all the sons of men.



Your special goodness for us pours our from Your lips.





God has made You most happy forever.



Put on Your sword, O strongest One, with Your special brightness and shining honor.


Ride around all the world making everything right because You are right and only do the truth.





You will learn awesome things.





Your arrows stick sharp in the heart of the King’s enemies.







All the people will fall down to bow before You.




Your throne, O God, will last always and always; You only do what’s right.




You love doing right and hate doing bad and that is why the Lord God has lifted You up high above everyone else.




Your clothes smell wonderful from the palaces of ivory that make You happy.







The daughters of kings are around You and serve You rightly.






The queen stands beside You dressed all in the best gold.









and only think about how wonderful the King is





and He will love how beautiful You are.





He is the One in charge of You. Bow only to Him






and be filled with the specialness of Him.






Many bring gifts and want His attention,




all the high rich people of the world.



The kings’ daughter is full of shining beauty, also wearing gold.






Everyone is most happy to come into the king’s palace.





You will make Your children princes all around the world.


And your name will always be remembered and people will always be saying how special you are forever and ever.