Fight for me, O God, against the ones who fight against me.

Take Your shield and spear and stand up to help me against the ones who say that they are the ones who save me. I say You are what saves me.





Let them have trouble that chase me.






Let the angel of the Lord chase them.





Do this to them because they did bad things to me for no reason.




Let them fall into their own trap that they set for me.


All of me says deep down that there is no one like You, Lord, who saves the weak from stronger ones.



I was good to them and prayed for them when they were in trouble, but they only did bad to me.







Lift me up and carry me away from their troubles.


I will always be glad and thank you in front of everyone for helping me and saving me from the bad ones and their bad stuff.


Do not let them be happy when trouble comes to me. They plan lies about Your quiet ones in Your special land.





O Lord, stay close to me and do not be quiet about this.




Get up and help me, O Lord, make it right and fair.




Let them be embarrassed and upset and not know which way to go who want to hurt me.

But let everyone who is on my side shout for joy. Let them always say, Let’s make God big in our hearts because He is happy to do good to us.





I will talk about how good and amazing God is all day long.






The bad ones aren’t scared of God. They tell themselves how great they are and are full of hate.



Lies and trouble are all that come out of their mouth. They don’t say or do smart things. They don’t hate the bad ones or their bad stuff.





Your special love, O God, is in the heavens





and Your steadiness to stay by us is as high as the clouds.





Your rightness is as high as the tallest mountains,




and your decisions are deep as the ocean.







You keep all people and animals alive.

Better than anything else is Your great love, O God! That’s why the children of men lean on You




and hide in the shadow of Your wings.




They are sweetly full with all the good things that come from You.




You make them drink from Your river of happy fun stuff.


With You, the goodness of being alive always bursts out; in Your light we see many beautiful wonders.



O always love us who want to know You and keep our hearts on Your right path.






Do not let the puffed up ones come against us or touch us.





The bad ones will fall down and not be able to get up.