Listen to my prayer, O God, keep me alive because I’m so scared of the bad ones.




Hide me from the secret plans of the bad ones. They make their words like mean arrows to shoot at the ones who bow down to You.






They puff themselves up in doing bad stuff.



But God will shoot His arrows at them. Their bad words will come back on their own heads.




All that see them will run away from them.



And everyone will be wise and bow down to You and tell of all the good things You do.



And they will trust in You and be so happy in all Your special brightness.







All the best words are waiting for You, O God, in the highest best place.



O You who hears all prayers, everyone will come pray to You.


Our hearts and all our life will be full of Your special goodness from Your house.





You answer us with amazing precious things, O God who saves us.





All the people everywhere from the ends of the world and the farthest ocean will trust only in You.

Who being full of power set the mountains in their place and still the crashing waves and calm the mobs of people.




You make the morning and evening sing for joy.





You come to the earth and water it




and fill it with riches from Your special river which is so full of water.




You make the grain burst out from the ground and water the hills softly.




You bless all the tiny plants that pop up.




and all the pathways droop down with fat fruit.



The pastures where the flocks eat grass and the woodlands sing for happiness about all Your goodness.






They shout for happiness








and sing.