Best love and words to the Lord, O my soul.




While I am alive I will sing the best words to my God, while I still am.





Do not trust princes or leaders or people. They can’t help.


Their breath goes out and they turn back to dust and that very same day their thoughts disappear forever.



Happy is each one who has the God of Jacob for their helper, who hope in the Lord their God




Who made heaven and earth and the sea and everything in them.






He guards the truth forever.





He makes everything right for the people who are being pressed in on.





He gives food to the ones who are hungry.



The Lord lets loose ones in prison.




The Lord opens the eyes of the ones who can’t see.



The Lord raises up the ones who are bent over.





The Lord loves the ones who do right.








The Lord keeps alive people from other countries.




He helps kids who don’t have Dads and ladies whose husbands have died.





But He turns the way of the bad ones upside down.


The Lord will always reign as king forever, our God, O place of all victory, to all the years of all the children and grandchildren.





Best words to the Lord.