I yelled out loud to God and he heard me. When I was in trouble I looked for Him.





You keep my eyes open when I want to go to sleep and I thought about stuff from a long time ago.






I wondered, Won’t God help and love us again?



Has he forgotten us? Has he stopped His special love for us?

I will remember everything He has done, all the wonderful things that happened a long time ago.





I will think about what You do and tell of it.





Your house shows all about You and shows the way to follow You and find You.




Who is so great as our God? You are the One who does amazing wonders.




What You made shows how strong You are.






You bought us back to You with the strongest love.




The voice of Your thunder is in the sky; and lightnings light up the world. The world shakes at Your greatness.





Your feet even walk in the bottom of the ocean.




You led Your people like a flock of sheep by Moses and Aaron.




Hear, O people, what our fathers told us long ago





how great our God is




and all the wonderful things He has done.




He showed the whole world His goodness in what He did for His people.


He told us His ways, to show to our children, so that the children who will be born next will put their hope in God and not forget all that He does for us.


So they won’t make their necks stiff and turn away from Him but put their hearts right and stay close to Him.



Some of Jacob’s families forgot what He did in Egypt the frogs and lice and stuff.

And how He split the sea apart so they could walk across on dry ground.




And how He gave them water to drink from a big rock when they were thirsty.





But they turned more against Him by wishing for meat to eat instead of eating the angel’s bread that God rained down on them from heaven to eat.

He sent them meat; He rained so many birds on them, as much as the sand on the seashore, but God was angry and took away the fattest of them.

Then they turned back to Him real quick. They remembered that He was the One who saves them, the One who bought them for Himself.





Their hearts kept taking in bad stuff and doing bad stuff, but the Lord forgave them.


They kept forgetting all His wonders that He showed in Egypt; the blood, and the frogs,


and the caterpillars, and the grasshoppers, and the hail, and the fiery thunderbolts, and His avenging angels, and taking the firstborns.





He brought His people out of Egypt like a big flock of sheep and led them in safety so they wouldn’t be scared.




He brought them to His mountain.


Then He threw out the bad ones and gave them each their own special land to live on and grow their own food.




But they didn’t obey Him, but kept turning to the bad ones and made statues of the bad ones, saying that they were god.





Doing that caused lots of bad stuff to happen; fires and raiders and fighting.



Then the Lord got up and beat down the enemies and chased them away.






He put His house in Judah on Mt Zion that He loved.

He picked out David and took him from guarding sheep to feed and lead the Lord’s people, the Lord’s inheritance.



So David fed them the good words for their hearts about the Lord God and showed the people the right way to live.