Hold me up, O Lord, and I will be saved.




You trample down the ones who go away from Your ways to live.



Do everything for me like Your special love does and teach me to walk in Your way.



I am Your servant; give me to know what everything is about.


It is time for You to work, O Lord, because the people have stopped listening to Your words.

I love Your words more than the best gold. I hold up all You say because it is right; I hate every wrong way.




What You have done in the lives of Your people is wonderful.





When Your word comes into me it makes light in my heart.


Look at me and give me Your special love as You have always done to everyone who loves You.







Set my steps to walk in the way Your word says and don’t let the bad ones be in charge over me.





Save me from all the ones who press in on people.






Make Your face shine on me.

My tears run down like rivers because the bad ones don’t listen to You. Their way makes so much hurt and trouble for everyone.




The bad ones are coming close to me, O Lord, but You are closer.





You set Your words of power before You started everything.




Look at my trouble and save me.




The bad ones are far from being saved because they don’t want Your words.







Your tender mercies are great, O Lord.






I saw a lot of bad stuff and was upset.




All Your word has been true from the first start and Your fairness lasts forever.







Let Your hand help me because I choose Your way.





It tickles me a lot to do Your way.