I love the Lord because He heard me when I talked to Him.






Because He listens to me, I will talk to Him as long as I live.





I was so sad I could die;





then I called to Him and said, Please save me from this.

The Lord is so full of giving goodness and He is always right and He is full of His special love for us that never runs out.






He holds up the simple ones: I was real low and He helped me.





Go back to Him and rest your heart on Him, O my soul, because the Lord has been very, very good to you.





You saved my soul from dying and saved my eyes from tears, and kept my feet from falling.





So I will always walk where You see me in this land of people who are alive.




I believed it, so I told it. I was in really big trouble.

I said too quick, All men are not telling the truth.





What can I give to the Lord for all the good things He always gives me?




I will drink the special wine that saves us and always talk to Him.




I will do like I promise in front of all His people.



Very very special in His eyes is when His people die and come to be with Him in His heaven home.

O Lord, it is so true that I am your servant; You set me free so I will always be saying thanks to You for that.






All the best to Him.



O say all the best things to the Lord all you countries of the world;






say all the best words from your heart all you people everywhere.

Say thanks to Him always because His special love for us is always the biggest that keeps on going and going forever.






The truth of the Lord is always and forever.





All the best to Him.