Make everything right for me, O Lord, because I have been doing what is right.






I lean only on You so I won’t slip and slide around in my life.



Look over all of me and see that there isn’t any bad thing; look at my heart and my feelings.




Because Your wonderful kind love is what I look at





and I only walk by Your words.



I do not sit or go anywhere with bad ones. I hate them.





I wash my hands from every bad thing




and I just stay around You so I can thank You and talk about all the wonderful things that You do.




I love where Your house is and where Your high goodness lives.

Do not bring my soul with the bad ones or my life with men who hurt and make people bleed, or the ones who always take money to do a wrong thing.





I will do what You say is right. Buy me back from everything bad and put Your great love on me.



My life is good and quiet and I sing good things to You with Your people.






The Lord is my light




and always saves me.






Who can make me afraid?





When bad ones come to get me, they trip and fall.




Even if a whole army comes after me, I won’t be scared.

Only one thing I want. That is what I’m always trying to get. To live in God’s house all the days of my life to keep looking at how beautiful He is and ask Him questions.


Because when trouble comes He hides me in His own private tent; in His secret special tent He hides me.



He lifts me up high above all that hate me.




I will sing songs of pure joy to Him telling all His goodness.





Listen to the sound of my voice when I call to You O Lord.




Put Your amazing special love on me and answer me.




When You said, Seek Me, my heart said, I will look for Your face.



Do not hide Your face from me or put me away from You when You are angry.




You have always helped me. Do not leave me alone or stop helping me.






When my father and mother were too busy for me, You picked me up.




Teach me Your way, O Lord and lead me in a simple straight path because of the bad ones.



Do not let my enemies get me because mean ones are lying about me and chasing me.




I couldn’t keep going until I saw how good You are here in the land of those who are alive.



Wait on the Lord and don’t give up and He will make Your heart strong; wait, I tell you, on the Lord.