Lord, You have put much goodness on Your land that we do not deserve.



You have saved us out of the hand of all the bad ones.





You forgave and covered all our bad things we did.





You stopped being mad at our bad things.


Turn us back to You, O God who always saves us.





Breathe Your special life into us always so that we can be happy in You.

Show us Your very special love and keep us saved from all bad things like fighting and sickness and poorness and getting old.





Your special love and truth meet together. Rightness and peace kiss each other.





Truth will spring up out of the earth





and rightness will look down from heaven.





Yes! The Lord will give what is good and our land will grow much good food.



Rightness walks before the Lord and sets us in the same steps that He walks.





Bow down Your ear, O Lord. Hear me because I am poor and I need You.






Guard and hold up my soul because I am only for You. I trust only You.





Put Your great special love on me, O Lord. I cry out to You everyday.





Make my heart happy because I lift up my soul to You.



You, O Lord, are good and waiting to forgive and full of You extra special love for everyone who calls out to You.


When trouble comes to me I will call out to You and You will answer me.



Among all the gods there is none like You, O Lord. None of them do anything as great as You.



All the countries of the people that You have made will come and bow down before You and say how great You are.



You are the only One who is great and the only One who does wonders, only You; You are the only real God.





Teach me Your path and I will walk in Your true words.





I will say high great things about You with all my heart for always and for ever.





Your great special love is on me



and You save my soul from the lowest pit of fire.







O God, the puffed up ones





are coming against me to hurt me.




They don’t ever look to You.

But You, O Lord, are full of special softness to us and big good blessings, and very kind and so patient, with lots and lots of special love and true things.


Make something really good happen in my life, so the ones that hate me will see and be embarrassed





because You have helped and comforted me.