Keep me, O God, I trust in You. I am not as good as You.



The ones who believe in You are my favorites. I like them best in this world.


The ones who follow the bad one will be really sad. I will not even think of the bad ones or say their names.





The Lord is everything I want.







He holds up everything that He has given me.




He has made my life so fun and good, He has given me the best stuff.




I will give good back to the Lord who has told me the best and smartest things to do.



I put thoughts of Him right in front of me all the time. He is right beside me so nothing can bother me.

My heart and my body are so happy that they rest in delight because You won’t let me go to hell or let my body wear out or dissolve.





You show me the path of life.





Being with You is bursting full of the best happiness




and right beside you are the best fun things forever.




Listen to me, O God, I am not pretending. You have tested me





and taken away the bad thoughts until none are left.




I will not let bad words come out of my mouth.





The words you told us keep my feet from trails of the bad ones.




Hold me on Your good trails and keep my feet from slipping out from under me.

I call out to You and You hear me. Show me Your wonderful love, You, the One who saves every one who trusts in You.


Keep me the center of Your eye and hide me under the shadow of Your wings from the bad ones who try to surround me.





They only look at bad things and want everything for themselves like a lion hunting for its food,






sneaking about hiding in secret places.



Get up and knock them down, O Lord, so that they can’t get back up again.

Save me from the bad ones that You use as Your sword to punish those who do bad. The only good stuff they get is in this life.



But me, I will keep always looking at Your face, and when I wake up I will look just like You.