Let God get up and chase away His enemies.







Sing to Him





and be most happy





because He is a Dad to kids who don’t have a dad and helps Mom’s who don’t have dads around to help.





He gives families to lonely people




and lets go people who are trapped or tied up.








He goes ahead of His people to lead the way.







God sends lots of rain





to make everything fresh and new.





He scatters kings.






The chariots of God are 20,000 thousands







and thousands of angels.

He beat every enemy in the universe and took all their stuff to give to His people and went highest in the universe to sit down by His Father.




The Lord is the happiest of all and every day piles good things on us,



the One who saves us from everything bad.



He killed death and hurts the head of the ones who are against Him and won’t turn back to Him.




In His house everything about Him can be seen.





All sing and play music to Him.






Put your happiest best thoughts on Him




when all His people get together to the Lord,




the One from where all happy good things come.





God said strong words for all His people to be strong.






Make everything You do for us strong.





Correct the whole world until everyone bows down to You.



Chase away and scatter the people who like to fight and make war.





Sing high songs to the One who rides on the heaven above the heavens, who sends out His mighty voice.




He is the strongest and most excellent. You are amazing in all Your special places O God of Israel who gives strength and power to His people. Happiest is God.