Lord remember David and all his troubles





Remember how he promised not to go to sleep again until he found a place to put Your tent.






We go to Your tent and fill up our hearts with Your goodness there; we worship at Your footstool.





Go, O Lord, and rest in Your strength.

Let the ones who serve You be dressed in Your rightness and let the ones who trust You shout with the best and highest happiness.




Because of David, do not turn away the face of the one You put Your Spirit on.





You promised David always make one of his sons king on Your throne.


If your children keep God’s special promise that You teach them, they would always be the king on Your throne forever.





Because the Lord chose Mt. Zion as His special place to live.




You said, This is my resting place forever because it’s where I want to be.



I will put my special goodness on everything she needs and the poor people in her will have plenty of food.

I will put the clothes of protection from bad things on her priests and my ones who live there will shout loud with the best happiness.





I will make the horn of David’s ruling power to grow life.




The One I put My Spirit on will always have light to see.





I will put clothes of embarrassment on the ones who hate him and come against him,





But on him, his crown will grow strong and beautiful.