The Lord God made Solomon the wisest and smartest man in the world like He promised




and Solomon wrote down the wise words from God for his sons and all the people.



Solomon told and wrote the wise words from God for the people so that they would do the right thing and have happy lives.




To honor God is the start of being smart and wise but the bad ones hate wise words.



Little ones, hear what your Dad and Mom say. What they tell you will be like a beautiful crown on your head or necklace around your neck.

When bad ones talk to you, don’t listen or go with them because the bad stuff they do will lead them to death and swallow them up like the grave.




They say, let's get together and sneak around and hurt people and take their stuff.




But since God is watching, they are setting a trap only for themselves.





Wise words cry out in the streets, Listen to me. Don’t do dumb stuff.







Turn to me and I will put my wise Spirit on you and make you know my words, says the Lord God.


Don’t make fun of My words or I will laugh when trouble comes to you.



When you don’t listen to me, bad stuff you do to others will happen back to you.





But whoever listens to me will be safe.





O my little ones, listen to my words and hide them in your heart.





Look for my wise words like hidden treasures.



Then you will know the wonder of God and find the knowledge of Him.



God gives wisdom for the ones who bow down to Him. He is a shield to the ones who walk His way.




He guards the path they walk on and keeps all His people safe.

When wise words go into your soul they are taste good to your heart. They are sweet like really good cookies.





They will save you from being tied up by the bad ones who say puffed up things that are wrong,




who stop walking on God’s right path





and think its fun to follow the bad one.



God’s wise words will guard you from ones who tell you lies about how special you are so they can take stuff from you and lead you into trouble.


Listen to God’s wise words so that you will walk in the path with good men who do the right thing.





They will live in God’s special land and stay there.




But the bad ones will be cut off from the world




and pulled up by their roots out of it.