Give good happy thoughts to the Lord, O my soul.



O Lord my God, You are very great; Your wear honor and majesty for Your clothes.






You cover Yourself with light as if it were a robe;




the One who stretches out all the heavens across the sky like a curtain.



Who sets the poles for the roof of Your house in the waters that are highest above the heavens.





You make the clouds Your chariot






and You walk on the wings of the wind.




You make Your angels spirits and Your ministers flaming fire.

You laid the bottom of the world set so strong that it can’t ever be moved.


You covered the deep parts with the oceans so that the waters stood high up above the mountains




and then spoke to them and they went down to their place You set for them.

You set the sand on the beach as the stopping place for the waters not to pass over so they don’t cover up the ground of the world.



You sent fountains of water into the valleys which run down the hills



By the fountains and streams the birds of the heavens live who sing in the tree branches.





You water the hills






from your bedroom window.



The whole world is happy and full by what You do.




You cause the grass to grow for the cows




and the plants for man to eat. You bring food out of the ground.


And You make the grapes to make wine that makes man’s heart happy






and oil that makes his face shine and bread to make his heart strong.



The trees You planted are full of sap where the birds make their nests.



The stork has the fir tree for her house.


And the high hills are a hiding place for the wild goats





and the rabbits hide in the rocks.





You set the moon for the seasons





and the sun knows where to go down.



You make it dark and it turns to night when all the wild animals in the forest creep around.





The young lions roar for their food and seek it from God.




The sun comes up and they walk back together to their dens.

Man goes out to his job to work until the sun starts to go down.





O Lord how many are the works You do every day.



In Your smartness You made it all work together.




All the whole world is full of Your riches.