The Lord sits in charge over all.






Let the world sing for happiness.






Let all the islands be very happy.





Clouds and darkness are around Him.




Rightness and good decisions are where His throne stays.





A fire goes in front of Him, burning up all the ones who hate Him.





His lightning lights up the whole world.





The world sees Him and shakes.



The hills melt like wax in front of Him, the One who is over the whole world.





The heavens tell how right He always is





and all the people see His special brightness.




The people who bow down to carved statues are really upset.




Hold Him highest in your hearts, all of you, everyone who are bowing down to sticks and rocks and the bad ones.




Zion, God’s city in the world, hears and is glad He is coming.



The daughters of Judah jump for joy because of the right judgments You make, O Lord.






For You, Lord, are high above all the earth; You are lifted way way up over all other leaders and gods.





You ones who love the Lord, hate the bad stuff.

He keeps alive and well the souls of all the ones who bow to Him. He saves them out of the hand of the bad ones.




Light is planted for the ones who bow down to Him,




and big happiness for the ones who follow Him.





Be happy in the Lord, you who do right,





and say thank you when you remember how special He is.