The Lord sent Moses and Aaron, the ones He chose, to show signs that He is the only one true God,




because they were following the bad ones who were going to get them killed.

He sent darkness, He turned the waters to blood and killed their fish.




He brought tons of frogs up, even into the kings bedroom.





He spoke and many kinds of flies and lice filled all the land.





He gave them hail instead of rain and fire raining down on the ground.



He struck down their vines and fig trees and broke all trees.


He spoke and locusts came, and caterpillers too many to count that ate up all the food and green things growing from the ground.


He struck down all the firstborn in the land, the first strongness of the people.





The Lord brought out His own people with silver and gold



and not one of them was weak or sick among all the families.




Egypt was glad when they were gone because fear fell on them when the Lord did these things.



The Lord spread a cloud over His people in the daytime to keep them from getting too hot or sunburned.



And He was a fire above them in the night to keep them warm and give them light.






When they wanted meat to eat, the Lord brought quail in on the wind


and also rained down and filled them up with the bread that the angels eat in heaven.



When they were thirsty the Lord opened the rock and waters rushed out onto the dry places like a river.





He did all this because He remembered His special promise to Abraham, who served Him.


He brought His people out of Egypt with hearts full of joy and happiness

And He gave them the lands of the ones who never would turn to Him; He gave them the work of the other people who didn’t want Him.


He did this so that they would follow Him and keep His ways and do what He wanted so it could be good for them.



Say the best words to the Lord for all this wonderful stuff.