O God, the bad ones have come into Your special land and into Your house and have ruined it and made it dirty.





They hurt lots of people.



The countries around us make fun of us.



How long will you stay mad at us? Be mad at them, not us, the ones who don’t want You.






       They eat us up.

Don’t remember the bad stuff we did but let Your special love come to us. We need you.



Help us, O God who saves us, because of how great and wonderful You are





Save us and wash away all our badness because of Your great goodness.






Keep alive the ones who are set to die.






And pay back seven times the hurting words they have said to us, O Lord.


So us, Your people, the sheep of Your pasture, will always be thanking You forever.


And we will tell all the peoples still to be born how great and wonderful You are.






Listen, O Shepherd of Israel, who leads us like a flock of sheep;






You who live between the cherubim’s, shine out all Your beautiful light.



Show Your strength, come here and save us.





Turn Your face to look at us and we will be saved.





You brought us out of Egypt and planted us like a grapevine in Your special land.



It grew full and filled the whole land with branches going to the sea and far rivers.




So why have You let this bad stuff happen?






Come back and make us strong for Yourself?







Look down from heaven and come visit us.




Then we will stay with You and not turn away from You.






Smile on us and we will be saved.