Let me judge like You, O God, and may my son do right.






He will help the poor.




Peace will flow from the mountains on Your people.






He will break the bad ones.




All Your people will be amazed at You and bow down for all the years.




In His days the ones who do right will spread out all over everywhere.





He will rule from one ocean to the other




and from the rivers to the ends of the whole world.





All the kings of the world will bow down to Him.





He will help and save the poor. He will buy back their souls from the bad one and all the bad things that can happen.






They will be His precious treasure.





Everyone will pray for Him and say how great He is.




The earth will be full of food on the tops of the mountains.





His name will last forever, as long as the sun shines.





All men will be happy in Him





and have everything good in Him.



Best happiness to the Lord God of Israel who is the only One who does all these wonderful things.




His highest and best name will be the brightest for ever and ever.



Let the whole world be full of His best high goodness.




God is so good to the ones who keep the bad stuff out of their heart.



I almost slipped and fell down because I was upset about the bad ones who have so much stuff.






Their hearts are real puffed up.





They speak high words against heaven.






But I washed all that out of my heart.




Then at God’s house I understood what will happen to them at the end.




Their feet will slip and they will be thrown down and eaten up by scary things.




I was so dumb, like animals that don’t know anything.





But I am always with You.





You hold me by my right hand.


You will guide me by Your words and then take me up to be with You in Your best high place.







You are the only one for me.




You make my heart strong and are what I always want forever.




The ones who are far away from You will disappear.


It is good for me to come close to God. I put my trust in the Lord God. I tell of all the good things He does.