Lord, inside You is where we live through all the times of all the families of the world.

Before the mountains were made, You made the ground and the world. From always and always only You are God.





A thousand years passes like just a blink to You.


You bring people into the world and then carry them away like a blade of grass grows up in the morning and by night it is cut down and shrivels.




When You are not happy, we are upset.






You see all our bad things right in front of You.




We spend our years like a story that is already all done.

The 70 or 80 years that we live in this world are sad and full of hard work and then we fly away.





Who knows how strong You are when You get mad?





So teach us to use the days You give us in a right way to do the wise thing.







Come back to us, O Lord.


Fill our hearts with Your special love so that we will be happy and jumping for joy all our days.



Give us a day of special happiness for each day of trouble that You gave us for all the years we had bad trouble.




Let us see all the good things You are doing



and let us see Your special goodness and brightness.



The one who lives in the secret place of the special love of the Most High God will stay under the shadow of the One who has all the power.




I will say about the Lord that He is my hiding place and my fort.


He promises He will save me from every trap of the bad ones and from every trouble.



He will cover us with His feathers and hide us under His wings.





His true words will be our shield and sword.


We won’t be afraid of anything scary at night or of any arrows or bullets or bombs in the daytime.




We won’t be scared of any bad thing in the dark or any trouble in the day.

He promises that 1,000 may fall at our side and 10,000 beside us, but it won’t come near us.




Only our eyes will see what happens to the ones who follow the bad ones.



Because we stay hiding in the Lord God, the Most High One, nothing bad will happen to us or come near our house.





The Lord promises He will set His angels in charge over us to protect us, to guard us everywhere we go.




They will lift us up in their hands so we won’t stub our toes on anything or trip.






We will walk on lions and snakes




and dragons will be trampled under our feet.





He promises to save us because we love Him.




He sets us very high because we learn about Him.



He is with us when trouble comes; He saves us and we honor Him.


He makes our life really long and full of good things and saves us from everything bad.