Solomon wrote the best song ever. It said, Let him kiss me with His mouth because His love is better than wine.




He is better than the best oil and the best smell, so all the ones who do right love Him.

Come get me and I will follow You. You will take me home with You and that is where I will be happy with the best happiness.

We will remember Your love more than the sweetest wine. Everyone who does the right thing loves You.




I am not pretty, don’t look at me because I am sunburned.




My brothers were mad at me and made me take care of all the grapevines in the vineyard but I didn’t take care of myself.

Tell me where you are, you the One my soul likes the best. Where are you resting with Your sheep? I only want to be with You where You are and not with anyone else.


If you don’t know, O most beautiful of all the ladies, follow the footsteps of the sheep.





You look awesome, O my love, like rows of beautiful jewels.




I sat beside the king at His table and my perfume went up all around Him.






I hold Him close to my heart all night.





You are most beautiful, my love, and we rest in the best place.




I am the most beautiful rose, the most beautiful lily, and the most beautiful apple tree.




I sat down in His shade and His fruit was so sweet to my mouth.






He brought me to the best party





and kept his love all around me




Hold me up because His love makes me fall over.




I hear His voice as He runs over the mountains to come to me.




He says, Get up and come away with me My beautiful love.



Winter is over and the flowers are coming, the birds are singing and the fig tree is starting to get leaves.


Tiny new grapes are starting to grow and smell really good. Get up and come away with me, My love.





I see you in the secret place; you look so beautiful.





Take away every bad thought that spoils my good thoughts about You.

I belong to my loved one and He belongs to me. Hurry to me.




I looked for my loved one at night but couldn’t find Him.





I went out into the city to look for Him.

The watchmen found me and I asked them, Have you seen the One I love?




Then I found Him and would not let Him go. I held onto Him real tight. I took Him home with me.


Who is this I see coming out of the wilderness like pillars of smoke, smelling with the best perfumes.



It is a beautiful carriage with a long caravan of warriors protecting king Solomon.



The carriage is gold with silver pillars and purple curtains, all full of love.



Go crown king Solomon with His wedding crown, His happiest day.