Say thank you to the Lord; call to Him; tell the people everything He does.






Sing to Him and talk about all the amazing good things He does.


Let Your heart fill up with all the specialness about Him: let everyone be very happy that try to find Him.




Look for Him and His big big strongness;







Look at His face always.


Keep remembering all the amazing things He has done; all the wonders and the best things that He decides, O children of Abraham who served Him, you children of Jacob that He chose.





He is the Lord our God. The world is full of the right stuff He does.




He remembered His special deal forever, the words He said to 1,000 years of sons and grandsons.

What He promised to Abraham, Isaac, and again to Jacob to last forever that said, I will give you the best special land on the whole world to be yours forever.



He promised it when they were just a few people, and from a foreign country,




He promised it when they were wandering around from this place to that, from one kingdom to another.








The Lord didn’t allow anyone to hurt them.

He spoke sharply to kings because of them, saying, Do not touch my special ones that I put My Spirit on, don’t hurt the ones who tell you My words.

And He did more, He called for the food not to grow, and then sent Joseph, who was sold for a slave.



They hurt his feet with the iron chains they put on him.




Then God put His word in Joseph’s heart and tested him to see if Joseph would keep it there.





Then the king sent for Joseph and let him loose and put him in charge over all the land of Egypt to do whatever he wanted with all the princes of Egypt;





And to teach them the wise thinking from God.







Then Israel came to stay in Egypt and God grew them into many people.



God made Jacob’s children and grandchildren stronger than the Egyptians.





and He turned the hearts of the Egyptians against them to be sneaky and hurtful with them.