May God hear you on the day when trouble comes; may the one who is the God of sinners help you.


May He send you help from His special home where He lives and make you strong in His special mountain.




May He remember all your gifts to Him.






Rest in that.






May the Lord give you everything you want and make true all the words that come out of your mouth.

We are so happy with the way He saves us from every trouble and in Him we will set up all our banners.




May the Lord answer your every prayer and give you everything you ask for.




I know that the Lord saves all the ones He puts His Spirit on. He will hear with all His mighty power.

Some people trust in tanks and assault weapons and nuclear bombs, but we remember the Lord our God who has all the power in heaven and earth.



They fall down but we stand strong in the Lord. Save us, Lord. Hear us when we call to You.



This king will be so happy in how strong You are, O Lord. I am so happy in how you save us.




You have given everything I wanted in my heart and everything I asked with my mouth. I rest in You.





You went ahead of me with good blessings




and set a crown of pure gold on my head.


I asked You to keep me alive, and You gave me the best life forever.





I asked You for life and You gave me long good days for ever and ever.




I am so amazed and happy about how greatly You save us. You put high honour and majesty on me.




You made me to be the highest and most blessed of people forever and ever.




You give me the best happiness with the look of Your face.




The king trusts in the Lord and through Your great love I will stand like a rock forever.






Your hand will uncover all Your enemies, Your right hand will show everyone who hates You.

You will make them into a big fire when the stuff that they do makes You angry for all the hurt they cause. Your fire will eat them up, them and the ones who come from them and follow them.




They planned bad things against You but were not able to do it.


You will make them run away from the battles and be hit by arrows in their backs.




Be lifted up highest in Your own strength.





We will sing good things about Your power.