When I was in trouble I yelled out to the Lord and He heard me.







Save me from liars and whoever wants to trick me.



I only want peace and quiet but they want trouble and war.

Should I lift up my eyes to the hills where the statues of the bad ones are? Where does my help come from?






My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.






He won’t let my foot slide.



The One who watches over Israel keeps watching over me and won’t fall asleep.








He stands guard over me and is my shade.





The sun won’t strike you down in the daytime





or the moon at nighttime.




The Lord guards you from every bad thing and keeps you living.




The Lord guards you when you go out somewhere and when You come back home, from now and forever.





I was real happy






when they asked me to go to God’s house.


Our feet stand inside your gates at God’s city where all His children come to say thank you to Him



And where they go to get fairness when trouble comes.





Ask the Lord to keep trouble away from His city.





Good things happen to everyone who loves His place.





God’s best peace be there always.







Because the house of the Lord is there, I will always help and protect His city.





I lift up my eyes to You who lives in the heavens.



I keep looking to You and waiting for You to put Your special love on me.






Put Your special love on us, O Lord, put Your special love on us





because we are filled with the trouble from the ones who don’t want You, the puffed up ones.