O Lord, You are the best, the very best. There is no one so good in every way; You are above the best anywhere in all that You have made. Your shiny bright goodness is higher than the highest sky.



When I look at the heavens and see all that you have done, I wonder, What are we? that You think about us and pay attention to us?




You made man lower than the angels and put Your crown






of shiny brightness on him.

And You put him to rule over and take care of everything in the world, all the sheep and cows and animals everywhere and the birds of the air and everything that swims in the oceans and lakes.




O Lord, You are the best the very best above all!


My whole heart will say how great and wonderful You are. I will be so happy in You.




I will sing to You who are Most High above everything.





My enemies trip over themselves because You are here with me.







You hold up everything in My life;





You sit on Your throne always doing what is right.




You correct those who turn against You and smash the bad ones. You erase their names forever.






O enemy, your badness is stopped and no one will ever remember you.

But the Lord will always be forever. He will always do what is right. And He will guide everyone in the world to do what is right.


The Lord is a hiding place too, for everyone who is pressed in on, a place to hide when trouble comes.





Everyone who knows what You are like will lean on You because you never turn away from those who turn to You.




Sing good things to the Lord, tell about all the good stuff He does.




He searches and looks into killing and remembers the ones who are killed





and does not forget their crying.





Pour out your good love on me, O Lord; think about all the trouble I have from the ones who hate me. You lift me up above trouble.





I will sing happy songs to You and be happy that You save me.



The bad ones sink down into the pit they made. The trap they set for others, they fall into it themselves.




People know how good God is because of what He does.





The bad ones catch themselves in their own badness.






The bad ones will be sent into the lake of fire with all the ones that forget the God who made them.




The needy people and the poor will not always be forgotten.



Get up O Lord, Do not let man win, but set everything as right as it should be.




Show all the people that they are only people






and that they need You.