O say thank You to the Lord because He is good. His special love for us lasts forever.

Let all the ones He bought back from the bad ones and collected from out of all the lands say it.



They wandered alone in the wilderness and found no city to live in.

They were hungry and thirsty and weak. Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble and He saved them out of their trouble and led them to a good city to live in.


I wish men would say the best stuff about God because of His good help,  and for the wonderful things He does for the children of men.




He fills up the soul with better things than what it wishes and fill their hungry tummies with yummy food.


Some people are chained up in the dark and close to dying because they wouldn’t listen to the words of God and hated what the Most High told them.





So He made their puffed up hearts low with hard work. They worked so hard they were about to fall down.

Then they cried to the Lord and He saved them out of their troubles.


He brought them out of darkness and made them strong again and broke their chains and bars of their prison.




O let men say the best things about the Lord because of His wonderful works to the children of men.



Bad ones do bad things and then are in big trouble. They hate every food and come close to the gates of death.



Then they cry out to the Lord and He saves them from their troubles.




O men, praise the Lord for all His goodness and wonderful things He does for the children of men.


Let them give Him good gifts and tell all the stuff He does with happy hearts.


Sailors on the ocean see what the Lord does. He commands a stormy wind that lifts up the waves as high as heaven.


The ship tosses about until the men cry out to the Lord and He makes the sea as smooth as glass and brings them to their landing place.

O men, say the best stuff about the Lord for His goodness and wonderful works to the children of men.






Let them lift Him up highest everywhere when they all get together.





He dries up rivers and all the fruit of the ground because people turn away from Him who made them.


He turns the desert into a fruitful land full of good food and springs of water and brings hungry people there to live.



He blesses them and makes them and their animals into many.



He makes leaders wander in the wilderness, not finding the path.



He takes the poor and lifts them high above




and makes them big families like a flock.


The ones who do right are very happy about this and all the bad ones shut their mouths.






The wise people will watch and see these things and see how big God’s special love is.