O God, all the enemies are strong



and trying to wipe out everything of You in the special land You gave us.




Remember Your people, O You who have been our King from the beginning,




always saving Your people.




You broke the head of the dragons





and gave food to Your people in the wilderness





and split the sea






and gave water






and dried up mighty rivers.




The day is Yours and also the night.






You prepare the light and the sun. You make summer and winter.







O don’t let them get us.



We say thank you to You because of all the wonderful things You do.






When I am in charge, I will do it right.





I tell the bad ones, don’t be bad.





God is in charge; He lifts one man up over the people and puts another one down.




The bad ones will drink the bad stuff they pour into the cup for others. 





But I will always sing how great You are.

All the power of the bad ones will be stopped but You will lift up high the ones who follow You.






We know You God, Your name is great. You live here with us.


Here you broke all the bows and arrows that came against us.


You are more wonderful and awesome than mountains full of deer






and elephants





and lions





and tigers.





All the enemies are gone when You just said a tiny little word.






You judged from heaven and the earth was scared and got real still and quiet.



You got up to save everyone in the world who bows down to You.




Even the madness of men shows how good You are.



Promise the good stuff from your heart to God. He is the only one to be scared of.





He is amazing to the kings of the world.