How happy are the people that let God take away their bad things they think and do.




Happy are the people who don’t plan sneaky things in their heart.




When I did bad things I was heavy with sadness.




Then I told God about it and He forgave me and took the badness away.




Big troubles won’t come close to me. I hide in You, O Lord.



You teach me what to do and where to go. You watch me with Your eyes and lead me around everywhere I go.



Don’t let yourself be hard to lead around. Let God guide you softly and gently.




The ones who follow the bad ones will have many tears.





But the ones who look to the Lord

   will have God’s good love and kindness all around





God makes us very happy who follow Him.



Be happy in the Lord, all you who are for Him.






It is beautiful to sing about how good He is.




Sing beautiful songs to Him real loud. And play music well.



Because what He says and does is only right and good.




He loves everything that is right. The earth is full of the good things He does.



By words out of the Lord’s mouth the heavens were made, and, everything in them was made by His breath.




He gathered up the waters to make the oceans.




Let everyone in the world be amazed at what He did. He just said it, and it happened.




He turns the plans of the bad ones into nothing.

What He plans, that’s what will be forever. What He thinks about will be to every new family through all the years of the world.



Happy are the world families that choose to know and follow the Lord God. He gives them all that He has. He makes them His own.



The Lord looks from heaven and watches all the people that live in the world.





He presses their hearts into shape and thinks about everything they do.





A big army can’t save any king.





Strong men won’t be safe by how strong they are.





A fast horse can’t keep you safe.


But the Lord keeps His eye on those who look to Him, that trust His kindness to them.



He keeps them safe from dying and gives them food to eat when the world doesn’t have any food left.




We sit quiet, looking at the Lord; He helps us and is our shield.



Our hearts will be very happy in Him because we trust in His very high specialness.


Let Your big amazing love, O Lord, be on us as we look to You.