O God my heart is set; I will sing and give You the best words with all the best stuff inside me.




I will sing to You early in front of all the nations





Because Your special love is great above the heavens





And Your truth reaches higher than the clouds.



Be lifted up above the heaven and Your best special shining above all the earth.





That Your specially loved ones be saved.

God said words in His specialness. He said, I will be happy with the best happiness over all the countries.



Help us when trouble comes because man’s help isn’t any good. Man’s help is worth nothing.




Because of God we will be heroes because He is the One who walks all over our enemies, stamping them into the ground.

Do not be quiet O God, that I praise because the bad ones tell lies about me, they make a circle around me and say things full of hate but not for any bad thing I did.




I love them but they turned to be my enemies, so I will talk to You.




I did good to them and then they turned and did bad to me, so put a bad one over them and let the baddest one lead them.


Let lots of bad things happen to them and don’t cover up their badness because they didn’t remember to be kind,





but took away stuff from the poor





and killed the people who are sad.




They put bad words on people so put it back on them.






Let that be what happens to the ones who treat me bad.




But You, O God, do good stuff for me because of Your special love for me.



Help me and save me according to Your special love.






Let the ones against me be embarrassed and their thinking mixed up.

But I will say the best words to You in front of all the people because you stand beside the poor and save them from the ones who want to hurt them.






The Lord told His Son to sit down beside Him on the right side


of the chair at His throne of the universe until the Lord finished making the Son’s enemies to be a footstool to put His feet on.





He will send His power to take charge over all the universe and make it all good again like when He first made it.


His people will want to do it when the day comes that the heavenly Father gives His Son all the power.

So beautiful and special and full of His special life and love will be the new beginning, when He, the one who is always young, will make everything new and young again.

The Lord has made a final promise and will not take it back to make His Son Jesus the priest that will always be full of the best life and last forever, to help us stay close to God.




His right hand will shoot right through bad kings in the day when He lets loose how mad He is about all the bad stuff they did.





He will set everything right in every country.




He will drink water from the brook along the way and lift His head up.