Save me O God because I’m real sad. People who hate me for no reason are all over me making trouble.


Even the bad ones who are drunk with wine are singing songs making fun of me.




Hear me because Your special love is so good.







You are so kind and gentle.



Come close and save me but let them have big troubles.




Blot them out of Your book of life and not be written with the right ones.




I will sing big songs saying big thank you to You and how great You are.





The ones who bow down to You will be happy for it.





You will live if You look for God.





He listens to us and doesn’t look down on anyone.





Let the heavens





and the whole world




and the oceans and everything in them say the happiest and best words to God.





He will save us




and give us His special land to be ours to live in always







because we love Him.





Hurry, O God, to save me. Hurry to help me.




Let the ones who want to hurt me be embarrassed and turned back and tangled in their mind.




Let everyone who looks for You be full of happiness in You.




Let the ones who love how You save us always be saying, Let God be the biggest.







I am poor and need a lot. Hurry to help and save me, O God. Come now.





I trust You, O Lord,




save me and be my strong house where I always go.






You are my rock and fort.




Save me from the bad ones and the mean ones.






I look to You. You have been holding me up since I was born.






Be close and hurry to help me.





Let them be in trouble and hurt who want to hurt me. I will always hope in You.





I will tell how right You are and how You save us all day long.





I will always go through my days in Your power.




You have been teaching me since I was born.







Now when I am old and have gray hair, don’t leave me.


Your rightness is so high. You have done the biggest things. Who can be like You?



You showed me trouble and then brought me up from it.



You make me very great and give good comfort all around me.






I will sing high songs to You with the harp, O Special One of Israel.




My lips will say happiest stuff about You who have bought me back to You from all trouble.





They will be embarrassed who try to hurt me.