The ones who hate me say bad things about me and hope that I am going to die real quick.






The Lord will keep you living in the world


and keep you very happy with many good things happening to you. And He will not let your enemies catch you or hurt you.





The Lord will make you strong when you are sick




and will make your bed soft and safe.




I said, Lord, be kind to me and heal my soul because I did bad against You.




The ones who hate me say bad things about me.



She comes to see me, saying nice things to me and then goes out and says bad things about me to everyone.





They tell secrets behind my back and plan bad things to hurt me.





He was my good friend that ate food with me and now tries to do bad things against me.


But You, O Lord, be kind to me and lift me up so I can pay them back.




I know that You are for me because my enemy doesn’t win over me.




You hold me up, keeping me doing the good stuff and set me in front of Your face for always.




Happy with the best happiness is the Lord God for always and always. I believe it, I believe it.


Like the deer breathes hard for the brooks of water, that’s how my heart breathes hard to be with You, O God.




My soul is very thirsty for the living God. When will I come to be with You?



I eat my tears day and night, while bad ones say to me, God has left you.



I went with everyone to Your house to sing to You how good You are.





So why am I so sad? And upset?



I keep looking to God and hoping in Him. When I see His face in my heart it helps me.


I will remember You from the land of the river and the high mountains.




All Your deep waters kept sweeping over me.




But still the Lord will command His deep love for me in the daytime





and in the night He will sing to me





and my prayer will be to the God who keeps me living.






I will say to God my rock, Why have You forgotten me?



I am really sad because the enemy presses in hard on me.





Don’t be upset. Keep looking to God.




I will still sing songs to the One who makes my face the best and is my God.