Sing to the Lord a new song;








He has done big wonderful things.




He has won over all the enemies.





He has made us know how He saves us from every bad thing.




He showed how right He is in front of all the nations.

He always remembers His special love to us and the whole world has seen how He saves His special people.




Make happy sounds to the Lord, all the whole world. Sing the best words really loud with harps and trumpets and coronets, happy with the best happiness to the Lord, the King.



Let the sea roar and everything in it, the world and everything in it; let the rivers and hills be happy together in front of the Lord because He is coming to make everything right with the very best fairness.





The Lord reigns; He is in charge over everything.








He sits between the cherubim’s.





He is the greatest and the highest.




Let all praise Your great and awesome name because it is the most special.



He is the strongest and He loves what is right and fair; He sets everything right and fair.




Lift Him up the highest in your hearts, the Lord our God.



Moses and Aaron and Samuel were with the ones who call on His name. They called to Him and He answered them.








He spoke to them in the cloudy pillar.







He kept His records of all the peoples lives and how good He was to them,





and the good rules He gave them to live by.




You answered them, O Lord our God. You were a God who forgave them but you corrected the wrong things they did.



Lift the Lord our God up highest and bow down at His holy place; because the Lord our God is the most special.





Make the happiest sound to the Lord, all lands.





Serve the Lord with the happiest hearts and come to Him with singing.



Know that the Lord, He is God; He made us and we didn’t make ourselves.







We are His people,





the sheep in His pasture.




Come into His gates saying ‘thank you’ and saying the best and highest words to Him.





Thank Him and put your best thoughts on Him because He is soooo good;





His special love never ends




and His true words last through all the years of all the families of peoples and countries.