O Lord, who owns all, does all paying back, show yourself.






Get up and give back to the puffed up ones what they did to others.





How long will the puffed up ones win? How long will they be happy at the bad things they do?





They break out and hurt and murder Your people.




They say You can’t see them doing the bad stuff.





But how silly is that? The One who gave us ears, can’t He hear? The One who made our eyes, can’t He see?




The One who teaches us, doesn’t he know everything?




The Lord knows everything every man thinks, and it’s all empty stuff that doesn’t mean anything.


Very happy are the ones who will let God teach and lead them. The Lord will give that one rest from troubles until the bad ones finish digging their own pit.




The Lord won’t throw away anyone who turns to Him. He won’t leave His people.




When He judges, it turns people back to Him, and the right ones will follow Him.





Who will stand up against the bad ones?




If God didn’t help, I would keep quiet but when my foot slipped, the Lord’s special love held me up.





In my many thoughts, the Lord comforts and makes my soul tickled with happiness.





The bad ones make laws that force people to do bad things.


They get together against the ones who want to do what’s right and make it seem like the bad ones are good and the good ones are bad.


But the Lord protects me and is always my shield. He is my strong rock to hide in.




The Lord will bring back on them, all the bad that they do.






Our God will cut them off.