I will love You, O Lord.




You are what makes me strong.

You make me solid. You are a strong fort for me and save me from every trouble.




I ask you for help. You deserve good things said about You. When I say good thing about You my enemies run away.




I was very sad and scared and called out to the Lord.



He heard me. My crying came into His ears in His temple.




Then the ground started shaking. He bent the heavens down and came to me.




He rode on a Cherub and flew on the wings of the wind.




He hid in the dark secret place. The brightness in front of Him chased away the clouds.



He sent lightning as His arrows and shot at my enemies and saved me from the strong ones who hated me.




He went ahead of me on the day of trouble and kept me still and safe.



He brought me into a really big place and did good things for me because I don’t want to hurt anyone.






He showed me His rules and I followed them.





He is a light for me in the dark places.



He wraps me in His strength and makes the trail I walk on straight and perfect.



He makes me leap like a gazelle and always win my fights.





He wraps Himself around me






and is my shield in battle to protect me.







His right hand holds me up.




I chase my enemies and catch them and win over them so that they can’t get up to hurt anyone anymore.



He wraps me in His strength before every battle and beats down the ones that come against me.



They cry out, but there is no one to save them. The Lord does not answer them.



I beat them tiny like the dust that flies before the wind.








You have saved me from the arguing and fighting of the people.

People that I don’t even know come and serve me: strangers and people from other countries.




The Lord lives and is very good and happy. Let the One who saves me be lifted up the highest.




It is God who gets back at the ones who do me wrong.

He lifts me up high above those who come against me and saves me from the ones who hurt people.



Because of this I will always thank Him and sings the best songs to Him.




       I am His king





and He saves me big and loves me,





me and my children forever.